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2022 Naomi Andres Service Award Winner Janet Roth

Image: Janet Roth, third from left, received the Naomi Andres Service Award from Marcia Dickson, Judy Root and Joyce Carr, daughters of Andres.

Janet Roth received Fairfield County Literacy Council’s Naomi Andres Service Award during the organization’s annual meeting June 28 at the Fairfield County District Library.

A retired elementary school teacher, Roth has served as a volunteer tutor for nine years and currently works individually with two adult students. “I love to teach people to read … for the joy it brings,” she said.

Andres founded the Lancaster Literacy Council in 1971. Ten years later the Fairfield County District Library, thanks to outreach coordinator Grace Meyers, received a federal grant to promote literacy. The two groups merged to form the county organization.

“Over a period of many years Naomi served as tutor, tutor trainer and treasurer of the Fairfield County Literacy Council,” said Janet Warner, FCLC president.

Andres’s daughters Joyce Carr, Marcia Dickson and Judy Root presented the award.

Jessica Hanna, Ed.D., Lead Instructional Designer, Engineering Technology Services, The Ohio State University, and Tina Jones, M.Ed., retired educator, presented “Post-Pandemic Tutoring Technologies and Resources” to FCLC volunteers, students and guests.

Hanna recommended using such resources as Zoom, Learning Management Systems, interactive content, and ‘flipping the classroom.’ Jones then shared free online reading resources geared to adults. Both stressed tailoring each plan to students’ goals, particularly important for adult learners, and recognizing that even if a student doesn’t have computer access, most have mobile devices. Jones and Hanna also are FCLC volunteers and members of the board of directors.

FCLC volunteers work one-to-one with adults, age 18 and up, to develop reading skills, job-search and job-specific vocabulary skills and with adults as English as a Second Language (ESL) students, especially those seeking U.S.citizenship status. Tutors, including many current and retired educators, are trained to work with adults. All materials and services are free.

To volunteer with the FCLC or to request services, contact the organization at the Fairfield County District Library, 740.653.2745, ext. #109.    

Photo and Writing Credit: Jenny LaRue                                           


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The Fairfield County Literacy Council (FCLC) believes that literacy skills are the key to self-respect and responsible citizenship, and is committed to improving the reading, writing, and verbal communication skills of those persons in Fairfield County who lack these necessary skills.

FCLC was established in 1971 to meet the needs of non-reading adults in Fairfield County, and has been supporting our community ever since.

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“I show up because it is teaching me how to read and learn words I never knew before I can read better now than I did in high school. It took time to come out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I did. Give a reading teacher a chance to help you.”
–John, Adult Literacy Client


“Wow! That lady really is teaching you how to read!”
–Brother of Adult Literacy Client

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“My employer and parents have noticed how much better I’m doing!”
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